Tuesday, April 27, 2010

An Idea...

Why simply post a Top 25 at the Wonders in the Dark Best of the 2000s poll, when I can drag it out over an entire week at my own blog before officially submitting my list?! (Ha!) Actually, this is a way for me to direct those that don't normally frequent WitD to stop by and participate in the polling and following the Top 100 that Allan unfolds each day. And also, for my own purposes, to say that what I would like to do next involves the 2000s decade. This isn't a huge undertaking, as the previous two projects were, just something quick that also serves a purpose for finally get up my Top 25 at WitD. As the noir countdown was winding down, I began working on perfecting my Top 25 for the 2000s poll, catching up on films that I had missed and re-watching favorites to perfect placement. So that is where most of my movie-watching has been lately, so why not put it to use?

I know that I posted a Top 20 of the decade at the new year, but that was a pretty quick off-the-cuff effort, and my rankings have changed quite a bit - be it through reshuffling the order or new additions of films that I have seen since making the original rankings. My idea is to actually do a Top 50 here, with daily (or maybe every other day, I don't know) posts that will unveil ten films at a time. These aren't going to contain reviews, but more like thought capsules that express why I'm a fan of each film. I saw this done by Kevin Olsen at his awesome blog Hugo Stiglitz Makes Movies and like Led Zeppelin plundering the catalogs of blues legends, I decided I'd sort of rip the idea off here (LOL). I like the idea of this, allowing me to touch on a number of great films in a short period of time, while also solidifying the list that I will be submitting at WitD. There is still much from the decade that I have not seen, but I still think I can make a pretty intriguing Top 50.

I know I said I was going to take some time off, and from massive projects like the Top 100s, I definitely am. But this one is not going to require quite as much time and work in getting each piece together as the noir countdown. So, if all comes together, I'll start posting these next week in all likelihood.


  1. Sounds great, Dave - I will look forward to reading this and hope that this time I will have seen more of the movies and be able to comment a bit more!

  2. Excellent idea here Dave! I say to your readers: Go for it!

  3. Sounds good Dave, looking forward to it.