Sunday, May 17, 2009

Perfect 10 Reviews

This special subsection of the blog – seen on the left side of the page – is devoted to the films that I find to be so spectacular that I give them a perfect 10/10 rating. I guess to a certain degree that this can serve as something of a “favorite movie” section, as I’m likely to give all time favorites top scores. But, it will also be more than that, as there will certainly be films that may not be personal favorites but that are so well-made that they deserve nothing less than a 10. If it goes as planned, this section should be a nice mix between "classics" of cinema that are held in near universal esteem and personal favorites that I think deserve that same lofty praise. So, any film that makes this list is one that I consider to be among the best of the best and recommend that anyone who loves great cinema should make a point to see at least once.

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