Saturday, May 16, 2009

Goodfella's Movie Blog Mission Statement

Although I’ve already posted my first review, I figured that it would still be worthwhile to throw up some kind of “mission statement.” In all honesty, there’s nothing exactly groundbreaking about this blog. It’s simply a place for me to think and write about film and will serve as something of a running log of the films that I’m watching at any given time. The fun for me comes in the fact that although I like to think of myself as a well-rounded movie buff, I’m far from having seen as many films as a lot of the folks who run great blogs around the ‘net. So, in most cases I’ll be writing on films that I’m experiencing for the first time, which in turn will hopefully urge somebody else to give them a chance. I’ll also try and highlight some of my personal favorite films, as I never tire of talking about my old standbys (think you can guess one based on my username?)

The normal format for the posts will simply be a review and thoughts of a film that I’ve recently watched. The key point I want to highlight is that, in spite of the heft of my first post, my reviews are not going to the be the in-depth essays that are contained on many of my favorite blogs. For the sake of time and sanity, I'm not going to try and do this for each film that I watch and review. Instead, most of the entries are going to be quick thoughts, feelings and reactions from films I've seen. There usually won't be a lot of plot summary and back-story. It will mainly be my own opinions and feelings on the film. The key strength of this approach is that it will allow to post a lot more than I otherwise would and I'll be able to touch on and hopefully spark comments on a lot more films. There will be certain films where I will take the time to craft more detail analysis and review, but it won't be the case with every single post.

I’ll also add a rating at the end of each article, which in most cases is going to be a completely subjective view of how much I’ve liked the film. I’m also a junkie for making lists of favorite films, greatest films, etc. So chances are that posts of this sort will appear every so often.

I’d also urge anyone who reads this to check out the movie blog links on the left side of this page. There is some great stuff there, produced by great writers, and enough to keep you busy for days.

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  1. Congratulations Dave, and Best Wishes!

    Your 'mission statement' is fair enough, and I'm happy you are going with the rating system. You are a very humble and gracious guy, but don't sell yourself short. Your writing is excellent, and this blog will be an inspiration to catch up with quite a bit of the classic stuff. I look forward to this site's certain pre-eminence!